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* means we haven't been there ourselves but heard good stories or would like to try next time!





Our 1 day itinerary with a guide: sunrise at Angkor Wat, through Tonle Om South Gate to Angkor Thom, marvel at the Bayon faces, walk trough the jungle passed Ta Keo and climb Baphuon, back around via Terrace of the Elephants, see the famous spots of Ta Prohm.

Pub Street

The Heritage Walk mall

Made in Cambodia Market

Food & Drink

Footprints Cafe - nice workplace

Temple Coffee n Bakery - specialty coffees

Paris Bakery - mouthwatering breads and pastries

Khmer Taste - cheap beer and chicken burger

Rise Cafe - bubble tea

Embargo - craft beer

BROWN Coffee and Bakery - modern and spacious

Tevy's Place - good Khmer food

Angkor Hand-pulled Noodles & Dumplings - small family restaurant

WILD* - all kinds of spring rolls in a nice garden

NOR - good quality, kind staff

Riverside Cuisine - freshly made, low prices


Blossoming Romduol Boutique

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